What is Hanafurisode?

What is Hanafurisode?

Furisode that connects Coolness/Beauty with Japanese tradition.
Asakusa, the street that carries on the traditional culture and entertainment passed down from Edo era.
We will continue to carefully spread the refined beauty of the elegant dances in furisode with the tucks at the shoulder, along with white make-up and hairstyle of Meiji and Taisho era, and of course the best hospitality to people in Japan, and to the world.
In addition, we will furthermore aim to carry on the creation of culture…

The History of Hanafurisode

The Beginning of Furisode-san

“Asakausa” the street that inheritted traditional Edo culture
People from around the world visit Asakusa to experience the contiuous tradition of Japan.
“Furisode-san” was then born to perform and make the night in Asakusa even more beautiful.
Although the catch phrase “Maiko-han in Kyoto, Furisode-san in Asakusa” allowed the nights in Asakusa bloomed gorgeously, Asakusa Tourism Furisode Academy Inc. was closed down in 2017.

The Beginning of Hanafurisode

Japan’s oldest amusement park “Hanayashiki” was build at the end of Edo era; not only was the Edo’s mood remained, but Asakusa also developed along with the change of time, while Hanayashiki also evolved while treasuring the history.
The famous roller coaster which is one of the most popular attractions in Asakusa, still plays a big part as the oldest roller coaster that still exists in Japan.
We could say that the hospitality of those in white make-up with beautifully dressed furisode, is a representative of Japanese culture.
As the icon of Asakusa, furisode-san are not only loved by the people of this town, but also by people around the world which allowed them to grow, and that is when they reborn as “Hanafurisode” in August 2017.
Everyday, they work hard to achieve growth by going to rehearsals, polishing their performances, fostering a rich human nature, accompanied by the peace of mind thrived by people in order to pass down the tradition of art.